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Home Connectivity with NoBell

Elevate your home’s entrance with NoBell, the ultimate replacement for traditional doorbells. Say goodbye to mundane door chimes and embrace a new era of connectivity and convenience. NoBell offers a host of cutting-edge features that redefine the way you interact with your visitors and communicate within your household. 

replacement of conventional door bell & key

Key Features of NoBell

Benefits for Guests

  • Guests can initiate calls or send messages by scanning the QR code.
  • Incoming person can CHAT with the NoBell user.
  • Prevent spam by capturing the current location of incoming guests.

How NoBell Works

Setup a QR Code

Download the ‘Nobell App’ .Set-up the location. Then printout & place QR outside on the door.

Welcome Message

Visitor will scan the QR code and go to welcome screen.


Type name and then start chatting or initiate video call




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The app is free! No matter how many members you have in your home. You can add multiple resident status and details!

No! The user interface for your guests is very easy to use and suitable for young and old. Your guest does not need to download an extra app or create an account.

To integrate the NOBELL app onto your door, all you need to do is install the free app on a smartphone or tablet.

In the app,user can register himself or all family members and generate QR code which can be taken as a printout & place it on your doors.

Yes, you can customize the information by updating your status in the NoBell app. Residents can set their status as available, not available, or not present, and this status will be visible to visitors upon scanning the QR code.

Incoming persons can use their smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code placed outside the house. Once scanned, they can initiate a call or send a message to the resident directly through the NoBell app.

If there are multiple residents, the NoBell app will prompt the incoming person to choose which specific resident they want to meet or contact after scanning the QR code..

Yes, to avoid spam calls, NoBell captures the current location of the incoming person during the QR code scan. This helps ensure that calls are only accepted from legitimate and nearby locations.

Yes, residents can update their availability status in real-time using the NoBell app. Whether you’re available, not available, or not present, the status will be reflected immediately when others scan the QR code..

Yes, the NoBell app keeps a log of missed calls and messages. Residents can review and respond to these interactions within the app.


A digital doorbell is an advanced version of traditional doorbells, often incorporating smart technology. Unlike conventional doorbells, digital doorbells may offer features such as QR code scanning, video calls, and remote communication through mobile applications.

The QR code feature allows for secure and contactless communication. Residents can generate unique QR codes, enabling incoming persons to make calls, send messages, or perform other operations without physical interaction. It provides an efficient and secure way to identify and communicate with residents.

Yes, digital doorbells often offer the convenience of using a digital key. Residents can use their smartphones and QR codes as digital keys to open doors directly from the mobile application. This eliminates the need for physical keys, offering a modern and secure approach to access control.

The auto door open feature allows residents to remotely open doors using a WiFi-connected button or QR code. Residents can also grant temporary access to incoming persons for a specified time duration. This feature enhances flexibility and security by providing controlled access to authorized individuals.

Yes, in many digital doorbell systems, incoming persons can initiate communication directly from a browser without installing the mobile application. This browser-based communication ensures ease of access for visitors who may not have the app installed on their devices.

The location-based security feature captures the current location of incoming persons during QR code scans. This information helps prevent spam or random calls from unknown locations, adding an extra layer of security to the digital doorbell system.

The installation of a WiFi-connected button, such as a Raspberry Pi, provides the capability for remote door opening. While it may enhance functionality, some digital doorbell systems may offer alternative methods for remote access, such as using a smartphone as a digital key.


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